Senior Capstone Projects from 2020


Does Might Make Right? An Exploration of Policing in the Shanghai French Concession, Alex Sun

Senior Capstone Projects from 2019


Case studies on contemporary Asian migration, diaspora, and community building practices in Montana, Sabrina Oh

Tattooing in Japan: the art of living boldly, Sarah Vermillion

Senior Capstone Projects from 2015

The Missionary Bible Translation in Late Imperial China: S.I.J Schereschewsky and The Book of Psalms, Sheng Cheng

Women on the Front of Change: Personal Histories from Japanese Female College Students from 1960 to the Current Day, Olivia Hayashi Groves

Senior Capstone Projects from 2014


Missing Girls, Education, and the One Child Policy, William Leith

Senior Capstone Projects from 2013

Romance in 21st Century Urban China: Historical Constructions of Gender, Race, and Nationality in "If You Are The One", Nicole Alter


Gaming Across the Divide: Racial Dynamics in e-Sports and the Changing Landscape of East-West Relations, Michael H. Kim


The Miko and the Itako: The Role of Women in Contemporary Shinto Ritual, Heather H. Kobayashi

Deng Xiaoping, Dazibao and Dissent: A Critical Analysis of the Xidan Democracy Wall Movement, Jill Levine

Shakes, Quakes and Kokoro no care, Jessica L. Lum

Dire Transitions: An analysis of current educational structures & practices in negotiating racial tensions in the university application process in Malaysia, Patricia K. Szeto