Senior Capstone Projects from 2012


English in a Second Language: Reading and Writing a New Vernacular, Caryn Schwartz

Maternity and Revolution: Motherhood and the Assertion of Female Independence in the Writings of Mary Wollstonecraft and Anne Brontë, Elizabeth Shand


Smart Reviews: An Exploration of the History and Theory of Theater Criticism, Jack Smart


Carriages and Mobility in Jane Austen’s Novels, Hilary Strauch


“‘Blood and time’: Cormac McCarthy’s Writing of the American Epic in Blood Meridian: Or, The Evening Redness in the West”, Joseph Sullivan


Embracing The Abject: The Freed Language of Embodiment, Molly Tulipan

The Darkness on the Edge of Town, Hannah Webster


Henry Chinaski IV, Brett Wishart

Takotsubo and Other Ways to Trap the Octopus, Alexandra Wong

Senior Capstone Projects from 2011

ambulette, Carolyn Bergonzo

Comparative Novels of Trauma: Representations of the Indian Partition in Three South Asian Novels, Shouvik Bhattacharya


More Than a Midnight Snack: Charles Johnson’s Dr. King’s Refrigerator and Other Bedtime Stories and the (Eightfold) Path to Enlightenment, Mackenzie Boyd

Heroism Under Fire: Representations of Masculinity in British World War I Poetry, Leslie Briggs


The Emergence of A Cultural Phenomenon: Mediation in Samuel Richardson’s Pamela, Melisa Brower

Illusions of Philosophers and Fools, Joe Bubar

Origins and other stories, Emma Coates-Finke

“Frighted with False Fire”: Shakespeare’s Manipulation of the Audience, Francesca Cocuzza


Here Comes Every Body: Languaging, Imminence and Immanence in Finnegans Wake, Ben Cole

Peristed, Elizabeth Cunningham

Cataracts: A novelette thesis, Brittany Davis

“Adaptation as Scholarly Work” and The Smallest Woman in the World, Allison Douglass

The Dog Park Architects, Sadie J. Elkoff

[Untitled Senior Thesis], Brittany Gudas

Christianity and Cruelty: The Miraculous and the Grotesque in Medieval Drama, Dana Hart

Senseless Violence and Brain-Wrecking Drug Use, Peter Zebulon Hermann

Fire In the City: A Screenplay, Dronile Hiraldo

Senior Thesis in English: Trek Repertoire, Kyle Holter

Uncovering ‘Madness’ in Lady Audley’s Secret, Rukshana Jalil

The Influence of Illness in Society in Sense and Sensibility, Emma, and Persuasion, Dev Darshan Khalsa

Beowulf and the Old English Poetic Tradition in The Lord of the Rings, Elizavetta Koemets

The Authentic Villains: Reading Madvillainy, Maxfield Lewin

The Search for Meaning and Identity in the Underworlds of Underworld, Lauren Lightbody

We Dismantle The Sun, Amielle Major

Waking Jacob, Briana Markoff

Stone Shoulders and Wax Wings, Julia Mascioli

“Dangerous Logic” in Dangerous Laughter: Millhauser’s Realism and the Way to the “Unbound World” in “Vanishing Acts”, Alexandra M. Matthews


Author(ity) of the Original: A Celebration of Influence and Appropriation in Writing Today, Samantha McNaughton

Monsters and Men in the Nowell Codex’s Life of St. Christopher: British Library MS Cotton Vitellius A. xv, Kaylin Myers

Writing in the Dark: Blindness in the African-American Imagination, Adam P. Newman

Wounded Birds, Poverty, and a Whole Week of Rain: Short Stories, Carolyn Nims

Expectations in Shakespeare's Macbeth and Henry IV Pt. 1., Holly Norgard

Liner Notes: A Mixtape, Connor Towne O’Neill


Power Encantadas, Evander L. Price

Ex-Patriot, Samantha San Jose

Fossils of the Infinite Intertext: Reading Roland Barthes and Richard Brautigan, Devin Schiff

Samuel Johnson and the Golden Mean, Taylor Self

Dr. Hanson’s Play House, Gabriel Smoller


“Curse Him Not”: Disobedience, Creativity, and Freedom in Byron’s Cain, Christopher Troise

The Digital Flâneur: Cartography, Inception and the Modern Subject in Motion, Danielle Unger

Not a Memoir, Zachary Wasser

“I have come from Paris to tell you not to alter a single word:” Joyce’s Ulysses and the Paradox of Translation, Stephanie Wilmes

“Freedom-Loving Satan:” Genre and Irony in Paradise Lost, Christopher Wilson