Submission Deadline for Issue 1.1 (2012): January 9, 2012

The editors invite submissions that highlight convergences among Writing Center, Composition, and WAC studies. We are particularly interested in projects that result from collaborative efforts between scholars in these fields, and that make clear the crossover among the sub-disciplines. In addition, we will give preference to projects that use visual/multimedia design to enhance the argument and enliven the audience’s experience of your work. Finally, projects that include student participation and reaction are particularly welcome.

Traditional and Multimedia Essays: The Parlor typically publishes 2-4 articles of approximately 2,000-3,000 words in length, or the multimedia equivalent (about the duration of a standard 20 minute conference presentation) per issue.

Annotated Course Materials: In addition to traditional and multimodal essays, we invite instructors to submit annotated course documents (syllabi, writing assignments, and in-class activities) that explain why and how the documents were designed, as well as the intended and actual learning outcomes. We would be most interested in materials that also include a set of student annotations detailing the student’s understanding and reception of the document. Also welcome are student projects produced from these prompts, complete with accompanying annotations by both the student and the instructor.

Reviews: We seek reviews of books, databases, webtools, blogs, and conferences that aim to illustrate how the project under review might be useful to all three of our audiences (Writing Center, Composition, and WAC scholars).

Podcasts: Each issue will contain a podcast interview in which we invite three scholars, one from each sub-field, to talk about crossover possibilities between the fields. These recordings will last approximately 15 minutes. The editors gladly welcome theme and panelist suggestions. If you would like to volunteer to be a panelist, please contact the multimedia editor.