Whose Destiny? The Rise and Development of Place Branding in Syracuse, New York.


Kara Conley

Class Year


Access Type

Archival Only

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts

Department or Program

Earth Science and Geography Department

First Advisor

Brian Godfrey


This thesis explores the structural and material dominance of the Destiny USA

regional mega-mall located in the city of Syracuse, New York. It explores the development of the 6th largest mall in the 167th largest city in the nation through the lens of place branding to understand the intersection of place, image, and development in the post-industrial city. Through empirical examples detailing the techniques of place branding by the mall’s developers, the thesis shows how products of place branding like Destiny USA can fiscally, politically, and socially isolate themselves from the city in order to gain growth and land-use potential for private interests.

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