Liberty and Justice for Whom? Educational Reforms and Capital, Labor and Social (Im)Mobility in the Age of Neoliberalism


Henry Tran

Class Year


Access Type

Archival Only

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts

Department or Program

Sociology Department

First Advisor

Eréndira Rueda

Second Advisor

Marque Miringoff


In this thesis, I wanted to examine the influence of neoliberal theory in the realms of public education and immigration within the US, and to tease out the implications that have resulted within each. From there, I attempted to understand how neoliberalism provides not just a common denominator between efforts at education reform and increased rates of immigration from the global south—specifically from Mexico—but also a substantial linkage between the two phenomena. The primary purpose of my thesis was to investigate the nature of that linkage, and by looking at a series of state, federal and global US policies addressing a variety of issues within the areas of education and immigration, I sought to understand how contestations within privatized education and anti-immigrant rhetoric intersected within the experiences and subjectivities of Mexican-American students whose lives have been defined by immigration.

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