Uncovering the Collective Labor Behind the Singer/Songwriter: A Collaboratively Produced Album

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Archival Only

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Bachelor of Arts

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Media Studies Program

First Advisor

Thomas Porcello

Second Advisor

Justin Patch


This project is an album consisting of nine original songs that I arranged, performed, and recorded at Vassar College. The accompanying thesis destabilizes the media construct of the independent singer/songwriter by interrogating the medium-specific space between the composition and the recording of the album. I uncover the invisible labor behind the creation and recording of the music of a singer/songwriter, a term that implies every song is written, produced, and performed by a single artist. I examine how the musicians involved in the project influenced and shaped each stage of production, and analyze the significance of this collective creativity. Through a mainly subjective lens, I draw observations from my identification as a singer/songwriter and explore the intellectual awareness I had in my role and experience in the collaborative processes of songwriting, performance, and recording with others, working within the singer/songwriter genre.

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