The crypt

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Vassar Community Access

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Bachelor of Arts

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Media Studies Program


A crypt is a haunted underground burial chamber where in the secret, something very important is kept (mostly dead bodies and “their” treasures). Certainly no one comes out of the crypt once they have entered. But precisely what secret is extracted, coaxed out of its tomb? As Jacque(s) Derrida suggests, there is always the promise of a return: that we are bursting with specters and have no ability to control them or prohibit their poignant, irreducible interruptions. They come and go as they please: “time is out of joint.” Here the very idea of a return fractures all stable conceptions of temporality where temporal malfunctions are constitutive of our everyday experience; where time is a re-stitched tapestry. At the point of disjuncture, phantoms begin to speak, asking us to stay a while. Can we find a way to linger in the unkempt crevices? By inhabiting these entangled alcoves like the ruins of abandoned rooms we might begin to cope with our anxiety seeped in the technologized acceleration and collapse of spatio-temporal boundaries.