Power (in) play the articulation of the othered body and decolonization of historical memory through playwriting and performance

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Bachelor of Arts

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Media Studies Program


Even within an increasingly digital age, the body on stage continues to operate as an impactful and historically charged mode of communication, on both an individual and societal level. Theatre, I argue, is inherently a medium of memory, and as such is rife with possibility as a tool of feminist, queer, and anti-colonial critique, and as a form of community-building and resistance. The process of marginalization has both implemented and resulted in fragmentation in the lives, memories, histories, and communities of oppressed bodies. I am interested in the ways that such bodies are able to work within and against colonialist power structures, using playwriting and performance as a means of constructing personal identity, building collective community, and resisting (neo)colonization in the 21st century. Consisting of an original performance text and accompanying essay, this senior project aims to highlight the way women of color have reclaimed or reimagined this medium for our own means, and how we continue to do so, resisting a larger coercive system that does not wish that we humanize ourselves or our communities through storytelling.


Additional file/ performance text "All we are is or, fire & she who comes from it" uploaded

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