(this never happened): Queer monstrosity, survival, & the monstrous-feminine on stage & screen

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Archival Only

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Bachelor of Arts

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Media Studies Program

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Philip Scepanski

Second Advisor

M Mark

Third Advisor

Taylor Dalton


In what ways are monstrosity, the abject, and queerness connected? What are the mechanisms by which we as a culture twist perceptions of difference into denouncements of monstrous otherness? How can we use creation as a tool for healing? How do we move toward something other than blood? (this never happened) is a performance text and intertextual exploration of staged horror, queer monstrosity, the monstrous-feminine, and trauma theory through the lens of playwriting and performance. It seeks to complicate notions of monstrosity and the abject and attempts to reconcile the isolation of individual monstrosity with the potential of the abject as a site of social upheaval and creation, while finding a space within the horror genre for both rage and catharsis.

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