A “not-straight time”: choreographing queer spatio-temporalities

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Archival Only

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Bachelor of Arts

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Media Studies Program

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M. Mark

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Colleen Ballerino Cohen


In this thesis, I look at two specific dance events that take HIV/AIDS as their explicit subject matter: Neil Greenberg’s 1994 Not-About-AIDS-Dance and Danspace Project’s 2016 Platform 2016: Lost and Found. I suggest that these dance performances make a number of interventions into a dominant discourse that would “forget” AIDS-related trauma, attending to the ghosts of the past such that their “absences” might be made viscerally, immediately present. In so doing, they aim to not only memorialize those “lost” to AIDS, but also to find something in the evocation of that loss that might then be used to transform the circumstances of the present. These performances thus demonstrate the many ways in which “queer AIDS dances” figure into a sustained process of imagining and living otherwise–of queer “world-making.”

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